Feliciana  Mutakyahwa

My name is Feliciana Mutakyahwa, I’m originally from Tanzania. I’m a mother of Lisa and Max, and now I live in Delft with my family.

Being African dancing is in the blood, I loved to dance since I was a little girl of 5 years old. I used to dance our traditional dances at home with my parents and elder family members, or during special celebrations. My family have been moving a lot to different countries in the world and there my desire of wanting to know more about dance globally grew and so as my daughter Lisa. My daughter inspires me a lot when it comes to dancing, the fun we share and the pleasure afterwards is unmeasurable.

Then in 2011 when we moved to the United States of America I discovered ZUMBA fitness dance, that was everything I could ever want with this diverse dancing experience. To make it more beautiful we moved to the paradise Island of Zanzibar where ZUMBA dance is taken to another level by dancing on the beautiful beaches .Seeing Parents, Kids, and people with age differences coming together and having so much fun at the beach . This island made me fall in love with dance ever since and when we moved to Holland I was thirsty to keep my passion of dancing going and share it with other parents how much difference Zumba dance can make to you and your children’s in heathy life style.

That is when in February 2016 I got certified as a Zumba instructor from the Wensink Dancing Maters in Apeldoorn Holland. I’m very excited to share this energizing and fun experience with the society I live in.
For more information please visit my Facebook page: Zumba Maisha Delft.

Apart from Zumba, I am currently opening a livestock farming in my village (Mang’ula, Morogoro) to raise the fund to help women and under privileged girls to build their own lives. Since I grew up on the same environment and I know how it feels. For me now is the time to help others as God helped me to reach where I am today.

Zumba classes 16+