(Deze cursus wordt in het Engels gegeven)

A short course based on the method of Oxford University.

Life writing can take many forms – memoir, emotional recall, autobiography, faction. You don’t have to have studied literature or to be a published writer. Some of the best books often come from unexpected quarters – the story of a mother, of a midwife, of a taxi driver, of a soldier or a shop girl, etc..

Everyone’s life has highs and lows, dramas and joys, good and bad relatives. The smallest incident can be funny or sad, depending on how it is presented.
  • Can we rely on our memory or do we incorporate those of others (family, friends) into what we think happened in our lives?
  • Which structure makes a good story?
  • All this and MUCH MORE is what you will discover during this course.

5 sessions of 2,5 hours.

Your course leader is Astrid Burchardt.
Astrid Burchardt, writer, journalist, lecturer, magazine editor (Time Out, BBC), film translator (BFI/NFT) Worked in London, Paris, Strasbourg, Munich and now Delft.